Palak Paneer. Culinary recipe.

Adyghe cheese 150-170 g;
Spinach 300-350 g;
Tomatoes 100 g;
Sour cream 150 g;
Turmeric 1/4 teaspoon;
Curry 1 teaspoon;
Red ground pepper 1/5 teaspoon;
Ground coriander 1 tsp;
Sugar 1/2 teaspoon;
Salt 1 teaspoon;

How to cook palak paneer.
We take spinach leaves, wash them in running water and dry them. Finely chop and set aside. Take a fresh tomato and cut it into small pieces. Put in a blender and grind to a paste consistency.

We mix all the spices in advance, except curry and tandoori (we will add tandoori at the very last moment). Heat the butter in a pan and pour the spice mixture into it.

Now mix properly with a silicone spatula and leave for a few minutes on medium heat.

Then pour the tomato chopped in a blender into the mixture and mix.

We put the spinach in the pan, mix it, cover it with a lid and leave everything to stew for another 15 minutes.

Then add 1 tsp. ground curry and 150 g sour cream of medium fat. We mix.

Take 150 g of Adyghe cheese or paneer (fresh homemade cheese) and cut into small cubes 1,5 by 1,5 cm.

We put the cheese cubes in the pan, carefully mix with a spatula so as not to deform it too much. Simmer for another 5 minutes. Now we add tandoori spices for an unusual spicy aroma. Stir again and remove from heat. We recommend serving this dish hot with white crumbly rice. Done!

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