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Like us, Italians love to prepare salads in the summer. The panzanella recipe has been known since ancient times and is still popular today. I totally understand the Italians, as I also really like this light vegetable salad with stale bread.

The fact that this recipe appeared is a completely natural phenomenon – in the heat, bread quickly becomes stale, why not put it in a salad, in which a lot of vegetable juice is formed?

Therefore, the idea of ​​putting croutons in a salad is a great idea for me. The composition of ingredients for panzanella is different. I like to add cheese and olives here. The main thing is that there should be tomatoes and croutons.

– 1 cucumber;
– 1 tomato;
— 1 slice of white bread;
— 1 small onion;
— a small piece of cheese;
— 1/3 can of olives;
— 1 st. l. olive oil;
— sprig of basil;
— a few drops of balsamic vinegar.

Preparation of Italian salad.

Onions can be put raw, or you can pickle them in a quick way. Since I liked this method, I did it.

She sliced ​​the cucumber into semicircles.

I cut the tomatoes into slices.

A small piece of cheese – I cut it into small cubes.

I cut the olives into circles – each into three parts.

I dried a piece of bread in a toaster.

Cut into small pieces.

I combined all the ingredients. Drizzled with oil and balsamic vinegar.

Stirred, decorated with fragrant basil. The classic Italian salad is ready. Sweet taste!

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