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Jam from pears — transparent, amber — is considered one of the most beautiful and delicious. Pear jam recipes use both whole pears with tails and cut into slices, but they should always be dense summer-autumn varieties. They can be recognized by the honey aroma, which greenhouse fruits lack. Soft varieties are more suitable for jam and marmalade.

During heat treatment, pears do not lose their beneficial properties, on the contrary, with some diseases, it is forbidden to eat fresh pears, and jam is allowed.

Pear jam should definitely be in your pantry if there are those in the family who suffer from diseases of the pancreas, prostatitis, heart, kidney and liver diseases. And it will not be superfluous for healthy households to strengthen their immunity with pear jam. Do not forget that pear is a low-calorie fruit recommended for those who struggle with excess weight.

— pears 1 kg;
— filtered water 100 ml;
— granulated sugar 900 g.

How to make pear jam.

Wash the pears well under running water.

Cut the clean pears into small pieces, removing the cores and tails from them.

Place the prepared fruit in a deep cauldron.

Add the required amount of sugar to the pears.

Mix and let stand for about one hour.

Add the required amount of water to the cauldron.

Bring to a boil over low heat.

Remove the resulting foam completely. Cook over low heat for about 15 minutes 3 times, allowing the jam to cool completely.

Wash the jar with the lid thoroughly under running water.

Sterilize clean jars with lids for 25 minutes.

Put the prepared hot jam in a prepared hot jar.

Close the filled jar with the prepared hot lid.

Great pear jam for the winter is ready!

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