Pear jam for the winter. Pear jam recipe

ripe pears – 1,5 kg;
sugar – up to 150 g;
juice squeezed from a medium-sized lemon;
jelly – 1 bag;
water – 100 ml.

Today there will be a simple recipe for making pear jam, which turns out to be thick, fragrant and super tasty. I make this jam every year.

The process of making pear jam.

  1. Prepare at least 1,5 kg of ripe pears. For jam, choose unbroken, healthy and ripe pears. Wash them thoroughly and dry them.

I boiled the pears with sugar for a total of about 40 minutes. Keep an eye on the contents of the pan and control the power of the stove so that the pears boil but do not burn. While the fruit is cooking, make a mixture of water, lemon juice and jelly. Squeeze all the juice from one lemon into a glass. Pour about 100 ml of water, then add a bag of your favorite sugar-free jelly (up to 40 g, for example, lemon flavored). Mix very thoroughly to obtain a perfectly homogeneous liquid. Pour it into the saucepan when the pears are cooked, then immediately stir the contents of the saucepan until the jam boils again. Cook the pear jam for another 2-3 minutes and turn it off (it should thicken well).

Advices: When preparing pears, you can also add 1 tsp. cinnamon and/or a pinch of ground cardamom, cloves or ginger.

Pour the boiling jam into the prepared jars (leaving about 1 cm of free space) and immediately roll up each jar. You can additionally cover the jars with a towel so that they cool down more slowly. After cooling, all lids should be attached. Therefore, pasteurization is not required.

Cooking time: 2 years
Preparation time: 50 minutes
Kitchen: Ukrainian
Description: Pear jam for the winter – a recipe with step-by-step photos

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