Pelengas in batter – recipe with photo.

I love this fish very much. But in this fryer you can fry not only Pelengas, but also everything that is sold in our stores. It can be prepared in different ways, including deep-frying. But I always add something new to old recipes. It happened this time as well. When I was thinking about what to cook with rice porridge.

As a result, it turned out not just a tasty, but a hearty and healthy dish. After all, you can feed your family with them, and you can treat your guests richly. Especially if you make a cut from different vegetables each time – both the appearance and the taste are different. The same batter can be made on water, milk, kefir, sour cream, cream, and so on.

— 0,5 kg of fish;
— 1-2 eggs;
– half a glass of milk;
— 3-4 tablespoons of flour;
— 70 g of bell pepper;
— 70 g of green onions;
— 70 g of greens;
— spices to taste;
— 50 ml of vegetable oil.

For rice porridge:
– 1 cup of rice;
— 70 g of butter.

Culinary recipe of pelengas in batter.

First, she put porridge to boil. Lately, I’ve been buying quick-cooking rice. But I still washed it well and, letting it boil a little, put oil and wrapped it in a blanket (let it infuse).

Let’s start with the fish. Yes, I had a bearing. Fish is special. Spooky sharp fins – immediately remove and take out all the excess, clean the scales, cut into small steaks.

After marinating pieces of fish in your favorite marinade, prepare the dough. And for this we will cut vegetables. This is how finely prepared pepper is.

In the same way, finely chop green onions and various greens that are only available in the house.

I just love dill and parsley.

And now let’s knead the dough. To do this, mix milk and eggs, add spices to them, beat everything, add flour and beat again. And throw chopped vegetables into this mass. He looks so beautiful.

Heat the pan well. Pour in the oil and heat it up as well. Dip the fish in the batter, fry it, turning it over several times.

Fish and porridge is ready! Let’s put everything on a plate.

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