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Everyone likes good cheese – tasty and healthy. However, pies and in general pastries with cheese filling, all kinds of casseroles, bagels, pies, tubes and vatryushki, not everyone likes them, unfortunately.

To be honest, if the basic cheesecake that I give here turns out to be very tasty, then the cake with peaches, for example, is simply divine!

And at the same time, it remains a fairly simple and quick-to-prepare dish.

For the pie dough:
— 1 pc. chicken egg;
— 250 g of flour;
— 100 g of sugar;
— 120 g of butter.

For the cheese filling:
— 250 g of cheese;
— 250 g of fat sour cream;
— 2 pc. chicken egg;
— 100 g of sugar;
— 2 st. l. starch;
— 1 packet of vanillin.

How to cook a cheese cake.

We start by preparing the dough. Break an egg into a deep dish, grate the butter on a coarse grater and pour in all the ingredients.

We mix and get such a base.

Sprinkle it with flour (no more than 30 grams).

And we start to “knead” the dough. Knead, simply put.

We knead with our hands, achieving complete uniformity.

The dough turns out to be soft and elastic, so you don’t need to make any special efforts to knead it.

Having achieved a uniform “dumpling”, let the dough rest in the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes.

We start preparing the filling. Add eggs and cheese to the mixing bowl.

Starch and a packet of vanillin are placed on top.

We begin to beat at a low speed of the mixer.

Then switch to maximum speed.

And we achieve a uniform consistency of the cheese filling. Here, attention! If you will also add fruit filling, then the berries are added after the mixer and are simply gently mixed into the curd mass.

We take out the “fresh” dough and put it in a detachable baking dish.

The most delicate point is that the dough should be “thinly” distributed on the bottom and the “walls” of the pie should be brought up the walls of the form. The height of the walls depends on the amount of your filling, but it is better to make the sides a little higher. Then let’s drop” in place.

Pour the cheese filling into the mold. (My pie is classic, without fruit fillings).

This is how it should turn out.

We level the edges of the pie in height.

The preparation of the cheese pie is ready to be sent to the oven. Preheated to 180 degrees, which is natural.

We bake the pie with cheese at 180 degrees for 50 minutes, everyone will choose the baking time individually for their oven, but I focused on the color of the crust.

Cheese pie is ready!

We remove the sides of the form and let our creation cool down.

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