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Mix wine and citrus zest, add cognac.
Add honey and spices. We heat our mulled wine to 50C-60C, do not boil! Strain before serving.

1. After heating, it is better to infuse the drink a little so that the spices open up and give off their aroma. Infuse mulled wine in a closed container and in a warm place.
2. It is better to use whole rather than ground spices to prepare the drink. Ground spices are filtered worse and may enter the oral cavity during drinking, which will create unpleasant sensations.
3. Mulled wine is not boiled, but only heated.
4. To prepare the drink, you can take an equal amount of white and red dry wine.
5. You can replace honey with sugar in the recipe.

Mulled wine is a traditional drink for the peoples of the Scandinavian countries, Austrians, Germans and English. Mulled wine is a mixture of wine and spices, heated to a hot state. Mulled wine is especially popular in the cold season: it is made at winter holidays and parties, and it is warmed up on bad autumn days. Dry or semi-dry red wine is best for making mulled wine. Sometimes rum or cognac is added to it.

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