Plum tincture. Plum tincture recipe

ripe plums – 2-2,5 kg;
alcohol 95% — 500 ml;
water – 125 ml;
sugar – 400 g;
additional supplements: vanilla pod or cinnamon bark.

Cooking time: 26 days.
Portions: approximately 1200 ml of tincture.

Homemade plum tincture is one of the most interesting ways to use ripe and aromatic plums. I offer you a proven and super simple recipe.

The process of making plum tincture.

  1. Prepare approximately 2-2,5 kg of ripe plums. You can combine several varieties of plums. Wash the fruits thoroughly under cold running water, then cut them slightly and remove the stones. You can also cut the plums in half to make it easier to remove the pits.

Put the plums in a clean jar. This time I used a universal jar in which I prepare most tinctures. This is a 3,8L can, but you can use a much smaller can, around 2L. In a jar with plums, pour half a glass of filtered or boiled and cooled water. Then pour 500 ml of alcohol. Gently shake the jar of plums, then gently press the plums so that they do not protrude above the liquid (if necessary). If they stick out, you open the jar and press them down every day for the next 2-3 days. Close the jar and put it, for example, in a kitchen cabinet. The infusion process should not be shorter than 3 weeks. You can safely forget about the tincture at this time. Nothing should be done with it for the next 3 or even 4 weeks.

Advice: You can also add a piece of cinnamon bark or a vanilla pod to the plums. As for the vanilla pod, I recommend that you cut it lengthwise or even scoop out the seeds and use them for another recipe.

For filtering tinctures, I usually use gauze folded in half. As a result, I got about 1200 ml of plum tincture.

Cooking time: 3 years
Preparation time: 3 years
Kitchen: Ukrainian
Description: Plum tincture – recipe with step-by-step photos

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