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Today I want to introduce you to a salad that my husband really liked. I hope this recipe will be useful to you. And we will prepare a salad from pork heart.

The variety of salads made from crab sticks, chicken fillet and sausages is quite boring to the commoners. Therefore, standard salads with mayonnaise on festive tables do not cause the former excitement.

While pondering over the menu for the weekend, I went through my mother’s notes from an old notebook to a cell. And then I came across this salad.

Pork heart is not a very popular and even rare product in our diet, but the salad preparation technology is simple and convenient. In addition, the heart is not expensive in terms of finances, but it is very useful.

— pork heart (can be beef or even chicken) — 1 pc., that’s about 200 g;
– two types of onion, onion and green – 2 heads and one bunch, respectively;
— lettuce leaves — 2 bunches or 1,5;
– tomato – 1 pc.;
– you can use Korean-style carrots – 100 g.

For the sauce:
– yogurt – 2 tbsp. spoons;
— 1 or 1,5 teaspoons of French and ordinary mustard;
– oil – 3-5 tablespoons.

How to make pork heart salad.

Cut the heart in half and remove the blood clots, wash and cook in salted water for one hour.

Wash the lettuce leaves and tear them into small pieces.

Cut the tomato into small cubes. Cut two types of onions into strips and marinate them in wine vinegar. We also add salt, sugar and a little black pepper.

When the heart is ready, cool it and cut it into strips, as much as possible in size to the shape of the onion cut.

Mix the onion and heart very thoroughly and leave to marinate together for an hour.

Then we mix the heart and onion and spicy carrot (you can not add it, but I really like it in a salad).

Lettuce leaves are mixed with the prepared sauce (mixed mustard, yogurt and butter).

Form a salad. Place the leaves on the side of the dish, and place the heart with onions and carrots in the middle.

Lettuce leaves are decorated with a tomato on top. That’s it, the salad is ready. After serving, it should be mixed. Good taste to all!

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