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Almost every family cooks pork. A dish of baked pork with apples is a double pleasure! Apples permeate the meat and give the dish a unique aroma. The result will definitely please you! Apples in cooking are best used with sourness, green ones.

It is best to choose pork fillet with veins, but with a small amount. In such meat, the fat “melts” when baked, and the pork fibers seep out and become juicier. I put a lot of mustard, grease the meat abundantly. It penetrates into the meat fibers and gives the meat a special taste and softness.

The cooking time is minimal, as you only need to prepare a piece of meat and cut apples, wrap everything in foil, and then the oven will do everything for you. And another big plus is that this dish can be prepared at any time of the year.

Simple ingredients will always be found in the house. And baked pork in the oven can become a frequent dish on a weekday, as well as a crown dish on a festive table. Including the side dish, the specified number of ingredients makes 6-10 servings.

pork (fillet) – 1,2 kg;
green apples – 3-4 pcs. (about 300 g);
mustard – 4-6 tablespoons;
salt – to taste;
ground black pepper – to taste.

How to cook baked pork in the oven.

Wash the pork under running water, dry. Put the pork fillet on foil, add salt to taste, liberally coat with mustard on all sides (also on the ends), pepper.

Wash the apples, cut them into slices, cutting out the core. Place pieces of apples on top of the meat.

Wrap the foil tightly, put it in a fireproof form or on a baking sheet. Bake pork with apples at a temperature of 180-200 degrees for about 1 hour. (In general, I always bake according to the formula: 500 g of meat — 25 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees).

If you want to get ruddy meat with apples, you can open the foil on top and brown it on the grill for 5 minutes. The doneness of the pork can be checked with a knife by making an incision. If the juice flowing out is clear, the meat is ready. If you have a meat thermometer, even better. We pierce the needle of the thermometer in the center of the piece and look at the temperature. The ideal temperature for pork is 70-80 degrees.

Remove the baked meat from the oven. Let him “rest” for 10-15 minutes. Then free the baked pork from the foil, put it in a large piece on a beautiful dish. Decorate the dish with greens and fresh vegetables. You can immediately cut into portions.

Serve the baked pork
you can with any side dish.

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