Pork knuckle in the oven – a recipe with a photo.

I used to think that a pork shank was only suitable for making delicious jello from it. But after reading the information on the network, I realized that this topic is very popular among many peoples, that it is prepared in the Czech Republic, Germany and many other countries, because it is just an ideal appetizer for a cold beer. It is recommended to cook the pork shank in the skin, because then the meat will be juicier and tastier.

And although you have to cook it for quite a long time, and this matter is a bit troublesome, but the result is a very tasty dish. And so that the meat is not so fatty, I will tell you what you need to do for this. So I present to you the recipe for cooking pork knuckle. We will prepare it in 2 stages – first boil, and then bake. Of course, you could immediately send it to the oven, but then you would have to wait at least 3 hours. We will reduce the cooking time a little.

pork knuckle or pork leg – 1 pc.;
1 small carrot;
1-2 small bulbs;
3-4 cloves of garlic;
salt – to taste;
ground allspice;
ground coriander;
a few bay leaves;
black and allspice peas;

Preparation of pork knuckle.

First, we will boil the pork knuckle so that it will cook faster. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly wash it in cold water and carefully clean the skin with a sharp knife.

Then we will prepare the vegetables. Carrots should be cleaned and cut into several parts. We also clean the onion, leaving the last layer of the husk, cut off the top from it, cut it in half. We take a few bay leaves.

Boil water in a large pot. We add onions, carrots, bay leaves, 5-6 peas of black and allspice and salt the water well, even add a little salt. The pepper can be pounded a little to make the shank more aromatic.

When the water with the spices has boiled, it’s time to send the pork shank there. We wait for it to boil, put on a slow fire and cook for about an hour – it all depends on how young the meat is and how soft we want it to be as a result.

When the knuckle is cooked, we put it on a plate to cool down a little – so you can easily take it with your hands. Now is the time to make incisions in the skin with a sharp knife so that the subcutaneous fat will flow through them during baking. You can also stuff the knuckle with garlic – the meat will be more aromatic. Now our shank is almost ready for baking.

Then we take a baking dish, grease it a little with vegetable oil and put the shank on it.

Sprinkle it with ground allspice and ground coriander on top. If there is no fragrant, then you can use ground black pepper.

It is necessary to heat the oven to 200 degrees and send the pork knuckle there. When the skin is slightly browned, the temperature can be reduced to 190 degrees and baked until done. After every 10-15 minutes, you can sprinkle the shank with fat, which will be quite a lot – this way you will get a ruddy and crispy crust. It takes about an hour to bake a pork knuckle in the oven, again, it all depends on how young the meat is.

Tips for cooking shanks.

— You can also add parsley root, celery, ginger and other spices to your taste to the pot where the shank will be cooked. But I do not recommend pouring out the resulting broth – it will make a very tasty and aromatic soup.

— It is best to cut the knuckle with a serrated knife.

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