Pork medallions. How to cook from a photo.

Recently, instead of classic chops, my family has taken a liking to pork medallions. From a piece of tenderloin, you can prepare either 10 medallions or 20 chops. If you ask why medallions are better than chops, then I will gladly tell you.

First of all, chops have been full for a long time – I want new tastes and new dishes. Secondly, medallions come out much juicier and more tender than chops, which is always a big plus for meat dishes. And medallions can be made not only classic, but, for example, as in today’s recipe, with sesame.

We can talk about medallions for a long time, as there are many recipes for their preparation. Today I want to share a recipe that I liked and impressed my family with its taste.

— 300 g of pork tenderloin;
— 2-3 tbsp. l. sesame seeds;
— 1 st. l. wine vinegar;
— 1 st. l. olive oil;
— 1 st. l. sesame oil;
– salt to taste before serving.

Preparation of pork medallions.

To prepare medallions, you need to stock up on pork tenderloin. It should be fresh meat of a young animal. Medallions will never come out of frozen meat, because the meat will be dry and tough.

First, cut the tenderloin into pieces about 2 cm thick.

Lubricate the pieces of meat with olive and sesame oil.

Add a little wine vinegar to the meat to make it even softer.

Pour sesame seeds into the meat and stir slightly so that the seeds are evenly distributed. Leave the meat covered in a cool place for about 30 minutes.

We send the marinated meat to a dry, hot pan. If the pan is capricious, you can lightly wipe it with vegetable oil.

Fry the medallions on medium heat for 5 minutes on each side until a beautiful golden color.

We immediately put the finished medallions on a plate, where they will certainly release the juice that lies during frying. Salt the medallions already on the plate while they are hot. Sweet taste!

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