Pork neck in the oven. A recipe with a photo

pork neck – 1 kg;
spices for meat – 1/2 teaspoon;
large cloves of garlic – 4 pcs.;
pepper – 1/4 flat teaspoon;
salt – 1/3 flat teaspoon;
olive oil – 3-4 tbsp. L.;
fresh rosemary or parsley;
wheat flour – 2 tbsp. L.;
large white or red onion;
red pepper – 1 pc.;
mushrooms – 250 g;
sweet paprika – 1/4 tsp. (Optional);
broth – 350 ml (optional).

Juicy pork neck from the oven is a great idea for dinner for the whole family. Pork neck baked in the oven should be served for Sunday dinner, for example, when you are expecting guests. The meat can be baked in the morning, and then kept in a warm oven just before the guests arrive. Then you just put the pork neck out of the oven onto the plates and it’s ready.

I love meat baked in the oven with vegetables, the preparation of which is not labor-intensive and does not take a lot of time. Pork neck baked in the oven tastes best warm. The meat is fragrant and very juicy. Of course, a lot depends on whether the meat will be lean and without a lot of fat.

The process of cooking a pork neck in the oven.

  1. We start with marinating the meat.
    Cut the pork neck (about 1 kg) into slices of about 1 centimeter (you can beat it slightly with a hammer, but I don’t always do this). Place it in a large bowl or a closed plastic container (if you plan to roast the meat the next day). In a small bowl, combine pork neck seasoning (1/2 flat tsp), crushed garlic (4 large cloves), pepper (1/4 flat tsp), salt (1/3 flat tsp) , if desired sweet paprika 1/4 tsp.), as well as 3-4 tbsp. l. olive oil. Mix everything and thoroughly rub the meat with the mixture. I always add sprigs of fresh rosemary, parsley or even cilantro. Cover with foil and put in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour, but you can leave it for 1-2 days.

Cooking time: 2 years
Preparation time: 1 years
Kitchen: Ukrainian
Description: Pork neck in the oven – a cooking recipe with step-by-step photos

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