Pork with mushrooms – a recipe for cooking pork with a photo.

If you ask what dish I like the most at the moment, I guess I will answer – pork chop, and it is from the tenderloin. Pork tenderloin dishes are prepared easily and quickly. If you don’t overcook the pork, you get tender and juicy meat.

Tenderloin is prepared very quickly, especially if it is beaten a little. If the meat is not overfried, it turns out soft and juicy. A white wine sauce is also included. Alcohol is not felt when eating food, and how all degrees evaporate during cooking. It is advisable to use white dry wine, the sauce turns out beautiful and delicate.

Flour, in which the pork chop is previously rolled, thickens the sauce. Potato side dish or rice with vegetables will go well with such meat. The indicated amount of ingredients is calculated for 1 serving, so increase the amount of products if you are expecting guests.

pork tenderloin – 120-150 g (1 piece);
fresh mushrooms – 5 pcs.;
flour – 2 tablespoons;
dry white wine – 50 ml;
salt, ground black pepper – to taste;
fresh cucumber and tomato;
green is a twig.

We are cooking pork with mushrooms.

Wash the pork tenderloin, dry it, remove the veins. Cut the pork into 3 large pieces.

Take 1 cut piece of tenderloin, place the pork “barrel” vertically.

Beat with a kitchen hammer (when beating, if possible, try to give the meat the shape of a circle).

Salt and pepper the meat on both sides. Form a circle from the meat, gathering the edges with your hands.

Pour the flour onto a flat plate. Roll the meat on both sides in flour.

Fry the pork chop in vegetable oil on medium heat on both sides until golden brown.

While the meat is frying, wash the mushrooms and dry them. Cut each mushroom into 4 parts. Throw in a pan with already fried meat. Fry mushrooms with meat for another 3 minutes.

Then pour wine and stew everything. At the end of cooking, there should be some wine sauce. The sauce will be a little thick, and it is also served with meat.

Serve the finished chop with mushrooms, doused with wine sauce, garnishing the plate with fresh vegetables. Can be served with potato side dish or rice.

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