Pork with pineapples in the oven. Step-by-step recipe with photo.

Pork with pineapple. There is so much music in this word that it makes you drool. But sometimes even the most pleasant dishes get boring, and then there is no enthusiasm for the man’s phrase: “And cook pork with pineapples.” Only one reaction: “How? Again?”. But there is always a way out. Even such a classic can be prepared in a slightly different way – so that the taste will play with new shades of taste.

pork – 1 kg;
canned pineapples – 250 g;
spices – to taste;
onion – 2 pc.;
sour cream – 1 cup;
mustard – to taste;
hard cheese – 150 g.

Cooking pork.

So, cut a piece of pork into portions. Not too thick. Mine turn out to be quite even. And the meat is soft.

We put the pieces of meat in a form greased with oil (a little), so that there is a little overlap.

Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and your favorite spices.

Sprinkle a little vinegar and smear with mustard. I took French, it tastes better that way.

Cut the pineapples into small cubes. I’m revealing my traditional secret again – I don’t have pineapples, but zucchini from compote. But no one has guessed yet. And I store such zucchini simply – I put them in the freezer when the compote runs out. Then it remains only to defrost.

Cut the onion into fairly small cubes.

We also cut the cheese into cubes. In this dish, for some reason, I prefer not to grate the cheese, but to throw it in cubes.

Combine onion, cheese, pineapples in a deep dish, add sour cream and mix.

Pour the resulting mass over pieces of meat. I had low-fat sour cream, so it turned out to be a sour cream filling. If you take very fatty thick sour cream, then there will be no such filling.

We put the dish in the oven heated to a temperature of 200 degrees and bake for 40 minutes. Check the readiness of the meat (ovens may differ).

It turns out ruddy, appetizing and heartbreakingly delicious pork with pineapple. No one will remain indifferent.

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