Potato gratin. How to make potato gratin.

Classic potato gratin is an exquisite dish that the best restaurants in France are famous for, but classic potato gratin can easily be prepared at home! Potato gratin can be served as an independent dish or as a side dish to meat dishes.

Gratin means baking in French. If in the menu in French you find the inscription “Au Gratin” next to the name of the dish, then you can be sure that the dish will be baked. The variety of types of French potato gratin is amazing! In the world, you can find many names and similar recipes of dishes with different ingredients.

The king of ingredients for the classic gratin recipe is undoubtedly potatoes. It should be of the best quality: moderately hard and large. Cheese can be chosen at your discretion. A very tasty potato gratin comes out with Cheddar cheese! And don’t skimp on garlic and spices – the dish should turn out to be very aromatic!

— potatoes (7 large ones were needed for my shape);
– cream (about 4 tablespoons);
— milk (0,5 cups);
– sour cream (2-3 tablespoons);
— 4 cloves of garlic;
— nutmeg;
– salt, pepper to taste;
– cheese (a small piece will be enough, as you need it for the upper crust).

Culinary recipe for potato gratin.

The beginning is traditional and banal. Wash and peel the potatoes.

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