Potato nests – a recipe with a photo

Today we will prepare a very tasty homemade dish: potato nests or stuffed potatoes.

— potatoes;
— onion;
– carrot;
– salt and spices;
— greens;
– chicken meat;
— vegetable oil for frying;
– garlic oil

The process of cooking.

It is necessary to boil the potatoes in the jacket and cool them. Then peel off the skin.

With the help of a teaspoon, I scrape indentations from each potato. It is not worth leaving too thick walls, because we want to get as juicy and tasty filling inside the potato as possible. Therefore, you need to leave the walls about 5 mm thick.

Let’s proceed to the preparation of the filling. Chop the onion as finely as possible. Fry in vegetable oil until ready.

For the filling, I will use chicken meat, but you can take absolutely any meat. I cut it into pieces so that it is more convenient to grind it, you need to prepare minced meat from it (I did it with the help of a food processor, it turns out plastic and uniform).

Add half of the fried onion to the minced meat, and put the rest in the form in which I will bake the potatoes.

Fry carrots grated on a fine grater. At the end, add ketchup or tomato paste and fry for a few more seconds. Add fried carrots to the mold and pour a glass of water on top. We distribute carrots on the bottom of the form.

Add salt and spices to the minced meat (I have coriander, ginger and ground black pepper), mix everything thoroughly until smooth. And you can already start stuffing our potatoes. This should be done extremely carefully so that the potatoes do not crack, but try to tamp the inside as tightly as possible.

Place the potatoes in the form. You can lay it quite tightly, so it will not fall, but hold on to each other. Pour water so that the liquid reaches about half of the potatoes.

Place a small piece of butter on top of the potatoes.

It takes 45-50 minutes to bake, depending on the size.

Such potatoes can become the main dish at any holiday.

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