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800 g of non-starchy potatoes,
1/4 tsp. salt,
50 ml of dry white wine,
half a small red onion,
2 Art. l. white wine vinegar,
1 tsp ready grain mustard,
a small bunch of parsley,
100 ml of olive oil.

Method of cooking:
We boil the potatoes until ready in a uniform. Let cool a little, remove the skin, cut into pieces about 4-5 mm thick. Place in a bowl, pour over white wine, mix and set aside.

We are preparing the dressing. Pour vinegar into a bowl, add mustard and salt.

Continuously whisking with a whisk, pour in the oil in a thin stream. The result should be an emulsion.

Add the dressing, chopped onion and parsley to the potatoes. We mix.

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