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250 g of fresh or frozen porcini mushrooms (or 80 g of dry, soaked overnight in cold water),
200 g of smoked and boiled pork breast,
1 large onion,
pork intestine (can be found on the market and in large stores),
1,6 kg of peeled potatoes,
salt and pepper to taste.

For garnish:
700 g of sauerkraut,
80 g of cranberries,
salt, sugar and ground black pepper to taste,
parsley and sour cream for serving.

Method of cooking:
As a filling, you can use not only porcini mushrooms – chanterelles, buttercups, and other forest mushrooms are also suitable. In extreme cases, you can cook even with champignons or without mushrooms at all. But it will be tastier and more fragrant with forest ones.

Cut the brisket and mushrooms into cubes. Finely chop half of the onion.

In a frying pan over medium heat, heat 1 tbsp. vegetable oil or pork fat. Add the onion and fry, stirring, for 2-3 minutes. Add mushrooms and fry almost until fully cooked.

Add the brisket and fry for another couple of minutes. Remove from heat and set aside.

Grate the potato and half of the onion on a fine grater. We put it in a sieve or a colander lined with cheesecloth and let the liquid drain.

Put the potato mass in a bowl, add the brisket with mushrooms and the starch that settled at the bottom of the bowl with the potato juice.

Salt to taste and mix.

We wash the intestine and put it on the nozzle for sausages on the meat grinder. We leave a free tip 5-6 cm long.

Stuff the intestines with mashed potatoes, tie the ends together.

Pierce the shell in several places with a toothpick or a thick needle. Fry the sausage over high heat in a pan.

Transfer to a fireproof container and place in an oven heated to 180 degrees. Bake for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the side dish. To do this, put cabbage, cranberries, salt and spices in a saucepan, pour 200 ml of water and simmer for 15 minutes.

We serve sausage with stewed cabbage and sour cream.

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