Potatoes baked with pork. Cooking a dish.

In our daily diet, potatoes occupy one of the main places. It appears on the table as often as bread, for example. This vegetable can be used to prepare a huge number of dishes, from elementary to culinary masterpieces. Therefore, potatoes can decorate both an ordinary dinner table and an elegant banquet in a chic restaurant. Being a universal side dish, potatoes are perfectly combined with meat and fish, and with mushrooms, etc. Today we will bake potatoes in the oven with pork.

Potatoes prepared according to this recipe turn out to be juicy, aromatic and very tasty, so it can well claim to be the main dish at the festive table. And it is prepared without much effort – the main thing is to have all the necessary ingredients in the refrigerator.

The potatoes are soft and tender, and the pork is juicy with a fried crust.

potatoes – 1 kg;
carrot – 2 pc.;
pork – 300 g;
mustard – 10 g;
spices – different;
mayonnaise – 300 g

Cooking potatoes with pork in the oven.

Do not cut the potatoes finely.

Place the potatoes on an oiled sheet.

Salt and pepper thoroughly.

Tremo on a coarse grater.

And we send carrots on top of potatoes.

Wash the pork thoroughly.

And cut into slightly thick bars (it’s good if the meat is frozen – it will be very easy to cut).

We send the pork to a bowl.

We add all kinds of spices.

In addition to Adyghe salt and universal seasoning, I have many spices.

Also in a bowl, add mayonnaise and mustard for spices.

Add 1-2 glasses of water to the meat and mix.

We distribute the meat over the entire surface of the tray and pour sauce over the “open” places.

Sprinkle freshly ground black pepper on top of the sauce.

We send the baking sheet to the oven preheated to 220 degrees for 30-40 minutes (after the end of the time, check the readiness).

Juicy and aromatic dish is ready!

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