Potatoes with meat in pots in the oven.

We really like potatoes baked in the oven and sometimes on holidays (when a small number of people come) we make potatoes in pots. In general, I prefer potatoes with chicken, but this time my husband bought fatty pork.

pork – 500 g;
potatoes – 1 kg;
salt – to taste;
ground black pepper – to taste;
lard – 100 g;
onion – 2 pc.;
cheese – 200 g;
mayonnaise – 200 g.

Cooking stewed potatoes with meat.

Peel the potatoes. I took the number of potatoes according to the number of pots – I have 6 of them. For a larger quantity, you need to take more potatoes.

Cut into small cubes so that it is well baked.

We take 2 bulbs. I don’t really like onions, those who like them can take more.

Since I don’t really like onions in dishes, I cut them finely.

And marinated: salt, pepper, pour vinegar. Pickled onions do not smell so strong.

Cut the lard into pieces to put on the bottom of the pot (as many pieces as there will be pots), or you can put 3-4 pieces of small pieces.

As I said, I prefer it with chicken (chicken breast), but since my husband bought it, I bought pork.

Salt and pepper the meat to taste.

Cut the potatoes into small cubes (I don’t like coarsely chopped vegetables), if you like coarsely chopped vegetables, you can cut the potatoes into 4-6 pieces.

Add salt to taste.

Pepper, just to your taste.

Add a little mayonnaise or sour cream (it tastes better with sour cream), but I didn’t have sour cream at that time.

And pour our slightly marinated onion there.

Mix everything well.

Grate the cheese, I take half the hard melted cheese.

We take our pots and put all the products.

I put a piece of lard on the bottom.

Then we lay out the potatoes so that there is room for our meat and cheese.

We lay the meat (since it is pork, we do not make the layer very thick so that the pork has time to cook).

Sprinkle with a small layer of grated cheese.

Grease the top a little with mayonnaise or sour cream.

Put in the oven at 180 degrees. After a while, when the potatoes and meat are slightly cooked, open the pots so that the top is slightly browned (this should be done about 10 minutes before the end of cooking or serving).

Here is such an appetizing potato. In general, potatoes are baked in the oven for about 60 minutes (but a lot depends on the potatoes and meat themselves – pork will be baked longer and the potatoes are different: one is cooked for 20 minutes, and the other for 1 hour), you can test the doneness during cooking).

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