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One of the most popular homemade options after instant pasta is potatoes with meat. You can come up with a lot of cooking options. Its beauty is that it is delicious, regardless of the chosen method. Moreover, unlike the classic combination of meat and pasta, which no nutritionist would call healthy, meat with vegetables is the most optimal and tasty serving option.

You can be completely sure that potatoes with meat in the oven will definitely delight the housemates with the most delicate aroma. And you will certainly appreciate the simplicity and speed of preparation. Everything is elementary: it is enough to chop all the ingredients, put them in a form or a saucepan and safely leave them to stew. After that, you can safely forget about the dish for less than 1,5 hours.

Left to themselves, the vegetables will be soaked in the most delicate sauce and will delight with the richness of taste. Moreover, meat with potatoes in the oven is not only the easiest way to cook these products, but also the most useful.

pork meat – 500 g;
potatoes – 300 g;
onion – 150 g;
carrots – 150 g;
tomatoes – 200 g;
butter – 15 g;
Spices for pork or mix basil, paprika, coriander yourself.

Cooking potatoes with meat.

We are cooking pork. We clean the meat from films and cut it into portions. Do not mince too much, as the meat may dry out slightly when baking. The optimal size of the pieces is from 2 centimeters.

Peel and dice the onion.

Add pork mixture or aromatic herbs to the meat at your discretion.

We mix the meat with the onion, slightly squeezing it so that it releases the juice and slightly marinates the pork. It is better if the meat stands in the refrigerator for about half an hour and is marinated in spices and onions. Although, if there is no time to wait, you can prepare it right now.

Peel and cut carrots into circles.

We cook potatoes. Cut into large pieces, this will provide it with great juiciness.

Now all that remains is to put it in a saucepan or baking dish and leave it to cook. The bottom layer is laid out with meat and onions. Be sure to spread the butter cut into pieces on top. This will give the finished dish a richer and richer taste.

The next layer on top of the meat is a carrot, spread it carefully over the entire surface. This will help it to bake better and soak up the finished sauce.

Then we lay out the potatoes.

The final stage is tomatoes. Cut them into pieces and carefully lay them on top of other vegetables.

It is better to cook meat baked in the oven after preheating it. In this way, the components will begin to bake immediately after getting inside.

Now it remains to wait a couple of hours and you can enjoy the homemade delicacy. If the meat has time to marinate properly, the taste of vegetables and potatoes is even richer and richer. Such meat in the oven with potatoes will not leave your family indifferent, and the husband will easily forget about his love for meatballs.

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