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120 g – pumpkin
100 ml of water
1 pc – egg
20 g – fresh yeast
3 Art. l. — refined sunflower oil
3 g – salt
1 Art. l. — sugar
430 g – flour.

Method of cooking:
To prepare pumpkin dough, we will need pumpkin, egg, live yeast, salt, sugar, flour, oil.

Grind the yeast with sugar and leave for 3-4 minutes in a warm place.

Clean the pumpkin and boil it in water until ready.

Add pumpkin puree with water and 2 tablespoons of flour to yeast and sugar. Stir.

Put for 15-20 minutes in a warm place. Opara will grow.

Add an egg, salt, and the rest of the flour to the dough.

It is better to add flour not all at once, but in parts, adjusting the amount as needed.

Knead a soft dough.

Put it in a warm place for 50 minutes, kneading the dough 2 times during this time.

The dough is ready. This dough will make 3 medium pizzas.

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