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Pumpkin 350 g
Sugar 2 tbsp. l.
Water 200 ml.

Method of cooking:
To prepare pumpkin puree, we will need pumpkin, sugar and water.

Clean the pumpkin from the skin, inner fibers and seeds, cut into small cubes.

Pour pumpkin cubes and sugar into a saucepan, ladle or small pot, pour water. Put it first on medium heat, cook for 10 minutes, and then on the slowest heat and cook under the lid for another 10 minutes until fully cooked, stirring occasionally.

Pour the finished pumpkin together with the sugar syrup formed during the cooking process into the blender bowl.

Beat for a few seconds until you get a smooth puree.

Transfer the pumpkin puree to a jar and store in the refrigerator. We use it as an additional ingredient in baking or other dishes.

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