Quick salad with herring – a recipe with a photo

What kind of salad can be quickly prepared for dinner, so that it is tasty, healthy and juicy? We recommend this dish. It will also go well with the festive table. We cook only together!

It looks bright, juicy, tasty, interesting. You can prepare this salad for a holiday, for dinner, or just for a small feast with friends.

Herring fillet for herring lovers, juicy bell pepper brings many health benefits, red beans contain many B vitamins, especially a large amount of vitamin B6, which is responsible, in particular, for the immune system, skin condition and nervous system. White beans contain calcium and magnesium – complementary components that ensure that our teeth and bones are strong.

By the content of copper and zinc, beans surpass most vegetables. Bean protein is easily absorbed and contains vital amino acids tryptophan, lysine, arginine, tyrosine, methionine. Also, there are healthy greens in the salad – a miracle salad! Stay full and satisfied!

marinated herring fillet – 250 g;
Bulgarian pepper – 1 pcs.;
boiled white beans – 150-200 g;
boiled red beans – 150-200 g;
green onion (feathers) – 40 g;
pepper – to taste;
sunflower oil – 2 tbsp. spoons
lettuce leaves and any greens for decoration.

Salad preparation process.

Cut the herring into small pieces. Place it in a dish.

Clean and cut the pepper. We will cut it into cubes. The pepper cubes should be the same size as the herring cubes. Transfer to a dish.

Now cut the green onion.

Add white beans and add red beans.

Season everything with oil and pepper. Mix everything carefully and put it on a plate.

My super quick salad is ready.

Bon appetit everyone.

Come to us more often and cook with love.

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