Red cabbage salad – recipe with photo.

I am a big lover of cabbage – any kind and in any form. Among the ingredients for salads, my favorites are Beijing and red cabbage. Before the last one, I managed to instill love in my husband. He cannot pass by her in the store and is offended when she does not appear on our table for a long time.

Some time ago, I read somewhere that the French believe that a real woman should be able to make three things out of nothing: a hat, a salad and a scandal. I don’t know about the scandal and the hat, but the ability to prepare a salad from what is at hand helps to diversify the daily menu and please the husband. The basis of the salad, as you may have guessed, is red cabbage. I add all the vegetables and sometimes fruits (for example, a sweet and sour apple) that are at hand to it.

– red cabbage – half a small head of cabbage (about 500 g);
— 1 medium-sized carrot;
— 2 small fresh cucumbers;
– green onion;
– mayonnaise for dressing.

Preparation of salad from red cabbage.

We start with cabbage, it needs to be finely chopped, salted a little and slightly crushed so that it releases juice.

Next, let’s deal with carrots: wash, clean and rub on a coarse grater.

We send the grated carrot to the cabbage.

Cucumbers are next. I also wash them, cut them and send them to cabbage and carrots. At this stage, I had already awakened a wild appetite from the contemplation of such a riot of colors.

You could, of course, decorate the salad with green onions, but I like them in a duet with mayonnaise. Therefore, I cut it and added it to other vegetables.

Everyone in our family loves mayonnaise, that’s why I dressed their salad, but I’m sure that it will be no less tasty with another dressing (sour cream, vegetable oil).

Everything – the salad is ready. All that remains is to put it in a salad bowl and decorate it with green onions.

In a nutshell, this recipe can be expressed as follows: chop red cabbage and add whatever is in the fridge: carrots, cucumbers, apples, cranberries, green onions or other greens. And every time it will be a new, but very tasty and useful dish. Sweet taste!

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