Rice bread. Bread maker recipe

1. Pour the baking water into the baking dish, then add the egg. It is not necessary to beat the egg beforehand, as it will mix well with all the ingredients. If the instructions for your bread maker say to put the yeast in the bread maker first, simply reverse the order in which you add the dry and liquid ingredients to the bread maker.

2. Sprinkle flour on top so that it covers all the liquid. Add rice and milk powder. Put salt, sugar and butter in different corners of the bread maker. Make a small well in the middle of the bread maker and add yeast.

3. Put the bread maker in the “Main” or “Norm” mode, medium crust. Press the “Start” button.

4. Remove the finished bread from the bread maker and transfer it to a wire rack to cool.

* Make sure the rice has cooled sufficiently before using it in the bread. It is very important to drain it well, otherwise the dough will be too wet. Keep an eye on how the dough is kneading and add a little more flour if necessary.

Bread with rice is soft, fragrant, with an unusual texture.

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