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Flour – 250 g
Water – 120 ml
Tomato paste — 1-2 tsp.
Ground sweet paprika – 0,5 tsp.
Olive oil (vegetable) — 1 tbsp. l.
Minced pork and beef – 100 g
Cottage cheese – 50 g
Onion, garlic, salt, parsley – to taste

Pour boiling water into a bowl, add tomato paste, a little ground paprika (to give the dough a delicate peach color), salt, oil. Pour flour and knead the dough for dumplings.

Transfer the finished dough to a plate, cover with a towel, and leave for 30 minutes. Mix all the ingredients for the filling. Next, we roll out the dough, cut out circles, put the filling and pinch the dumplings.

Boil dumplings in a large amount of water. We design in such a way that you would later be loved strongly and for a long time))

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