Roses from apples. How to cook apple roses.

From ordinary apples, you can prepare an original dessert – apple roses, which will delight guests and your family.

I thought for a long time in which category to classify these sweet, delicate roses, because they can be both an independent dish and a decoration of some kind of pie or even a cake. As a result, for me, such little roses still became cakes – puff pastry cakes that you can treat guests or just the family for dinner. They are prepared very simply, although it will take some time to form them properly, this is the only thing that requires effort from you.

apples – 3 pcs.;
sugar – 3 tbsp. L.;
puff pastry – 1 layer;
vanilla sugar – to taste;
cinnamon – to taste.

Preparation of apple roses.

So, to begin with, we are engaged in the processing of apples. And before that, in order not to waste time, put a pan with water and sugar on the stove. While the water is boiling and the sugar is dissolving, prepare the apples. To do this, we remove the middles from them and cut them in half and into pieces only a couple of millimeters thick – the thinner the apples, the easier it will be to wrap later. As for the size of apples, it is better to take larger fruits. I regretted that I had small-sized apples, as some petals came out during the twisting process. And yes, about the color. Here, of course, everyone likes it, but red apples look especially impressive, although you can combine, for example, red and yellow colors, and then you will get a whole bouquet!

When the water boils, throw apples into it and cook for only 3-4 minutes. You should not cook the fruits for a longer time, otherwise the apples will not become soft and pliable, but like in compote.

Put the finished apples in a colander to get rid of excess water, and let them cool down a little.

Now, when the apples are ready, we prepare the puff pastry – yeast or yeast-free – it’s your choice. Roll out into a thin layer. Cut the dough into thin strips 2 cm wide if you have small fruits and 3 cm wide if you have large apples.

Place the apples “overlapping” on the dough so that a strip of loose dough approximately 1 cm wide remains below. On the right, it is also desirable to leave 1 cm to secure the dough.

We begin to twist the apples, and “bend” the bottom so that the little rose comes out as if in a “vase”. It turns out such beauty.

Place the roses on a baking sheet and put in the oven for 20 minutes at 230 degrees. It is very important that the dough is prepared not only on the outside, but also on the inside, in the very core of the rose.

The cakes will look especially impressive if they are sprinkled with powdered sugar, but since I did not have it, I simply sprinkled it with vanilla sugar and cinnamon.

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