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The easy-to-prepare Christmas candles salad will look very relevant on the Christmas table and will decorate the holiday with several edible candles. Christmas candle salad based on the traditional Mimosa. Prepare and take with you on a visit.

boiled potatoes – 3-4 pcs.;
boiled carrots – 3 pcs.;
egg – 7 pc.;
canned grayling – 250 g;
onion – 1 pc.;
butter – 50 g.

How to make Christmas candles salad.

To prepare the salad, it is necessary: ​​boil potatoes and carrots, boil eggs, mash the humpback with a fork, removing the bones, onions (chop finely, cover with boiling water).

We draw the contour of the salad on the plate.

The first layer — grate the potatoes, mesh with mayonnaise. It is important not to miss the layers of applying the mesh, so as not to swallow the salad.

The second layer, mashed red onion, onion.

And again a net made of mayonnaise.

Grate frozen butter.

The next layer is egg white, on a coarse grater.

We continue further. The next layer is coarsely grated carrots.

And a mesh made of mayonnaise.

Grate the yolk on a fine grater and sprinkle over the salad.

Apply our picture to the finished salad.

And grate carrots for decoration on a fine grater. We lay out candles and a bow.

Garnish with dill. Stick the twigs at an angle.

That’s how beautiful and delicious it turned out. Sweet taste!

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