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Today my dish is dedicated to Halloween. It is simple, accessible and a little scary.

sprats – 1 can;
processed cheese – 1 pc.;
chicken eggs – 6 pc.;
onion – 1 pc.;
olives – 3 pcs.;
green peas – 6 pcs.;
mayonnaise – to taste.;
beetroot juice for decoration – 1 tbsp. spoon.;
green parsley for decoration.

Making a salad for Halloween.

Let’s start with the most unpleasant, peel and finely chop the onion.

Then, to remove the bitterness, we soak the chopped onion in boiling water.

The next step: open a can of sprats, put them on a plate with butter and mash them with a fork.

Next, let’s work on the cheese, rub the melted cheese on a fine grater, I used creamy.

Then we take an egg, boil it in a cool place, when the eggs are cooked, cool, clean and cut off the pointed part.

We set aside what was cut off from the eggs, and grate everything else in the same way as cheese on a fine grater.

Well, everything is ready.

Now mix all the ingredients thoroughly and season with mayonnaise.

We put the finished salad aside and we will do the most interesting thing, the preparation of bloody eyes. We take pre-prepared olives, of course, you can also use olives, but since the olives are black, they look more ominous, cut them into circles.

Now let’s do the jewelry work itself, how to make blood vessels on squirrels. I took one tablespoon of beetroot juice (not boiled) and put it in a regular syringe. I took pre-prepared egg whites, which were cut from the eggs, and scratched them with a needle so that the grooves were not deep. I squeezed the beetroot juice very slowly into the resulting grooves, if you hurry and quickly squeeze the juice, it flows out of the grooves and leaves red lines, this is what turned out in my opinion very believable.

Place sliced ​​olives on top of the prepared blood proteins (this will be the iris), and place one green pea in the circle of each olive (this will be the pupil).

We put the salad on a plate and decorate with “eyes” a little, as if pressing them in, you can also decorate the edges with greens, as I did. And for greater horror, I spilled “blood” from the remains of beet juice.

The creepy delicacy is ready.

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