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As soon as crab sticks appeared on our market, their salad became almost traditional in every family, and for several years in a row, all festive tables were rich with this salad. Then he somehow got bored and began to gradually disappear. But, according to the old tradition, we all take corn and crab sticks for the New Year, and we make a salad from them before the arrival of guests already after the holidays. I want to share the recipe for such a salad with you.

chicken eggs – 8 pc.;
crab sticks – 2 large packages;
canned corn – 1 can;
rice – 2 tbsp. l.;
mayonnaise for refueling.

How to prepare crab salad.

The first thing we do is boil the eggs. We cook 8 pieces for a large cup, 6 for smaller ones.

Break the eggs finely and put them in a bowl.

You can also open a jar of canned corn here. The tastiest salad comes out when this corn is really sweet. Then you get an unusual taste on the contrast of the combination of sweet and salty.

I cut the crab sticks in half and finely. True, in this form, they often spread into small layers. But they look more aesthetic in a salad.

We send the crab sticks to the salad bowl.

The next step is to cook the rice, which is also sent to the salad bowl. Since no one in our family likes rice, I boiled only 2 tablespoons. If you don’t like rice at all, then as an option, you can replace it with boiled potatoes (in this case, the salad will be more filling) or fresh cucumbers (then the salad will be light and fresh).

Season all this with mayonnaise. I don’t even salt the salad. I have enough salt from the dressing and crab sticks.

That’s it, the salad is ready. It is very tasty, filling and quickly eaten. In addition, it does not take long to prepare. Practically, an emergency salad before the arrival of guests. And it looks very festive on the table. Enjoy your taste!

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