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Probably, for many, it was the first self-prepared salad salad made of processed cottage cheese. It can be prepared very quickly, requires a minimum of products, and does not require special cooking skills. At the same time, a spicy spicy dish will be a great addition to your daily meal.

In addition, the dish can be used as a snack. Yes, for the festive table, you can slightly change the presentation of the dish. The same salad can be served in tartlets – small baskets. In this form, the salad will look festive and original. Now in stores there is a large selection of ready-made tartlets made of shortbread, puff pastry and unleavened dough.

2 eggs;
1 melted cottage cheese;
150 g of mayonnaise;
salt – a pinch;
3-5 cloves of garlic (to taste);

How to make a salad from melted curds.

Grate melted cheese and hard-boiled eggs on a coarse grater. Squeeze the garlic through a garlic press. Salt the mass to taste and mix with mayonnaise.

We got our traditional, well-known, processed curd salad.

We put the mass in tartlets and, thus, the usual dish takes on a new look. If desired, you can put coconut shavings on top to make the dish white, hard cheese to make the dish yellow, or grate radish to make the dish pink.

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