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I will cook something similar to pita bread rolls, but using a slightly different technology. It is worth cooking once in order to appreciate and fix it on the menu. It is not only tasty, but also useful, and most importantly, it is low in calories, which is important.

Also, everyone understands that the ingredients may differ from those presented by me, bacon can be replaced with boiled chicken meat, beef or you can do without proteins at all, and instead of cabbage you can use absolutely any vegetables.

I do not recommend excluding feta, but I welcome the replacement with regular cheese or other cheese products (read the calorie table, add your own taste preferences).

For 4-5 pieces of salad in pita bread:
1 sheet of thin Armenian pita bread, preferably square (40 g) (100 kcal);
Young cabbage – arbitrary amount (150 g) (66 kcal);
Sweet onion – to taste (25 g) (11 kcal);
Feta cheese – 100 g (237 kcal);
Boiled and smoked beef – 75 g (82 kcal).

How to cook a pita salad.

You can use other meat, but it is important that it is moist, capable of softening pita bread in a few minutes.

Young cabbage was the main filler today. I deliberately cut it roughly, because the soft and juicy head does not need fine grinding. Cucumbers are also excellent for juiciness and juice. I usually cut them into 4 parts and serve them with cabbage or leafy salad. I do not lubricate with anything, do not water, do not add seasoning.

On a sheet of pita bread, I spread the meat with a fan in an even line along the entire length.

On top, a nice bit of cabbage. Since she is young, I did not crush her.

In addition, feta cheese. Simply slice or crumble into cabbage. Do not mix, let the meat be on the bottom and the cheese on top. Both ingredients are moist and will help soften the pita bread. In addition, the flavors do not mix and you can take a bite first with bacon, then with cheese or both at the same time.

Now it remains only to tightly roll it into a roll. Do not be afraid to press well, there is no salt in the recipe, so the cabbage will not flow, but the feta will glue the pita bread and salad together.

The result is such a beauty weighing 400 grams and containing 500 kcal. If you divide the roll into 4 parts, then each one will have 125 kcal, and if 5, then each piece of salad in the pita will be equal to 100 kcal. The main thing is to put more vegetables, exclude mayonnaise and any seasonings, including salt.

If you really want to add salt, and the feta does not give enough taste, add olives or pickled cucumber.

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