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In the New Year, I want everything to be beautiful: the house, the Christmas tree and, of course, the table. Candles are an indispensable attribute of a winter holiday. You can decorate the festive table with candles that you can eat.

Salad, in general, can be any, but it is better if the decoration is combined to taste with other components of the dish.

100 g of ham;
0,5 pcs. large bell pepper;
150 g of cheese (half of the cheese will go in the salad, half – on the candles);
1 egg;
1 boiled potato;
1 small bunch of dill.

How to make New Year’s candle salad.

First, I decided to decorate the inner wall of the wine glass. Finely chopped dill.

She smeared the wine glasses from the inside with vegetable oil approximately to the middle. Sprinkled the walls with chopped dill. Frozen dill copes well with this task. I take it out of the freezer, immediately knead the dill right in the bag. It turns out a small green crumb (you won’t be able to cut it so finely). I sprinkled first fresh, then frozen.

Before cutting the egg, I left a small piece of white. It will be useful for making candles.

Boiled potatoes were peeled and cut into cubes. I cut 3 thin plates from the cheese for candles. I grated the rest.

I added mayonnaise and mixed everything.

Candles They are made simply. The main thing is that the cheese should be elastic, flexible. I cut such slabs of cheese.

She rolled them into a tube. I put it on a plate. While they lay, the cheese came to terms with the shape of the tube and no longer tried to turn around.

In the meantime, I cut candle lights out of pepper.

I put it in cheese tubes. Remember, we left a piece of protein? I grated it on a fine grater and poured it very little on the candles. It imitates melted wax. The candles are ready.

Now the main thing is to carefully fill our improvised salad bowls-candlesticks. I did it with a teaspoon.

There is nothing complicated here:

– we fill;
— push the salad a little apart with the handle of the spoon, making a hole;
– insert a candle;
— place small sprigs of dill around the candle.

That’s all. Salad “New Year’s candles” is ready.

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