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Beef tenderloin 250 g
Chicken egg 2 pcs.
Daikon (radish) 500 g
Vegetable oil 40 ml
Onion (100g) 2 pc.
Dill 30 g
Cilantro (coriander) 30 g
Sour cream 100 g
Salt ½ tsp.

Method of cooking:
First you need to cook the meat. You can put and cook eggs at the same time.

While the meat is cooking, grate the radish on a coarse grater and cover with cold water for half an hour. Then squeeze out the water, and put the radish in a salad bowl.

Cut the meat into small pieces.

Onions need to be lightly sautéed in oil.

Now add hard-boiled and finely chopped eggs and greens to the salad, add salt and season with sour cream.

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