Salad vinaigrette with herring and mustard – we are preparing a holiday salad.

I think that I will not be mistaken if I say that vinaigrette salad is one of the most popular vegetable salads. Over the entire existence of this dish, there have been many options, and today I would like to share a recipe for making herring and mustard vinaigrette salad. These two ingredients are able to bring new notes to the usual salad and make its taste richer and more original.

The first time I tried to prepare such a vinaigrette was a couple of years ago, and my husband really liked it, and I also think that it is tastier than the classic version. Therefore, for variety, I sometimes add herring and mustard to the usual vinaigrette, and the amount of mustard can be different – it all depends on how spicy you want the dish to be as a result.

1 salted herring;
2 large beets;
about 1 cup of large white beans;
1 large carrot;
4-5 medium potatoes;
a small plate of sauerkraut;
1 medium onion;
1-2 st. spoons of mustard;
salt and ground black pepper – to taste;
sunflower oil – to taste.

We are preparing a salad with step-by-step photos.

Let’s start cooking vinaigrette with beans, because they require preliminary preparation. It is necessary to fill it with cold water overnight so that the beans swell and cook faster, and in the morning boil until ready in salted water. Drain all the water from the finished beans and leave to cool.

Wash the beetroot, boil it until ready, peel it.

Then cut it into small cubes.

Potatoes and carrots also need to be boiled and cleaned.

Again, cut into cubes.

Remove the skin from the herring, carefully remove the bones, and only then cut into small pieces.

Peel the onion and also finely chop it.

Take the sauerkraut out of the jar and squeeze it well so that all the juice comes out.

We take a deep container and pour all the prepared ingredients into it. Salt and pepper to taste, pour oil on top. Personally, I prefer dressing the vinaigrette with unrefined sunflower oil, because I really like this aroma, but it is no less tasty with refined. Olive oil of the first cold press is also perfect for dressing.

And the last touch — we add one or two tablespoons of ready-made mustard to the almost ready salad. I prefer to add homemade mustard to the salad, but store-bought mustard will also work. The main thing is to try how strong it is so that your vinaigrette does not turn out to be too spicy. Therefore, I advise you to put one spoon first, and if it is not enough, you can always add more.

Mix all the ingredients well and that’s it – vinaigrette with herring and mustard is completely ready for use. Bon appetit and successful culinary experiments.

Some tips.
– If you don’t have sauerkraut, you can replace it with pickles. Although it would be more correct to say the opposite – pickled cucumbers can be replaced with cabbage, as I did, because cucumbers appear in the classic version of the vinaigrette.

— And the lack of white beans can be filled with ordinary canned peas, which are sold in every grocery store.

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