Salad with baked beets. A recipe with a photo

eggs – 2 pcs.;
beetroot – 2 pcs.;
pickled cucumbers – 5 pcs.;
white onion – 1/2 pc.;
hard cheese – 100 g;
pumpkin seeds – 50 g.

Today you will find a salad that has an unexpected taste and an unusual combination of products, and as a result, the complete delight of everyone who tried it. The recipe for such a beetroot salad is very simple and quick. You will need very few products.

The process of making a salad with baked beets.

Finely chop the eggs. Pour the chopped eggs into a container for salad.

Grate the baked beet on a fine grater. Grated beets are also sent to the egg container.

Now let’s take 5 small pickles. Cut them into small cubes. We ship to other products.

Grate hard cheese on a coarse grater.

Now it remains to cut the onion. Chop half of the white sweet onion as finely as possible.

And for a piquant taste, add pumpkin seeds to the salad. In this salad, it’s just a great combination. And all that remains is to season it with sauce or mayonnaise.

Mix everything well and you can serve it.

Such a salad can be dressed with anything: sour cream, vegetable oil, ordinary mayonnaise or yogurt. Experiment and choose the combination that is most suitable for you. Bon appetit.

Cooking time: 10 minutes
Preparation time: 40 minutes
Kitchen: Ukrainian
Description: Salad with baked beets – recipe with step-by-step photos

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