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Beans are tasty and nutritious, so salads with them can be a great option for lunch or a snack. This product is extremely tasty when properly prepared and successfully combined with other ingredients in various dishes. Of all the variety of dishes made from beans, salads stand out, which have a lot of indisputable advantages.

Bean salads are quick-to-prepare nutritious meals rich in vitamins and proteins. They are also very useful for those who are losing weight, so beans, despite their nutritional value, do not contribute to weight gain and its deposition in problem areas.

This salad is prepared very easily and is one of the first to be eaten on the table. If you like the spicy taste of garlic, then this salad is for you!

red beans – 1 can;
crab sticks – 300 g;
chicken eggs – 4-5 pcs.;
crackers – 1 package;
garlic – 4-5 cloves;
mayonnaise for refueling.

How to cook a salad with beans and crackers.

First, boil the eggs. And also put the beans in a colander to drain the excess liquid. Although I am not a big fan of crab sticks, in this salad they are harmoniously combined with other ingredients. We cut the crab sticks arbitrarily.

Next, cut the eggs.

And now the main ingredient of this salad is garlic. There should be a lot of garlic! I missed 4 teeth.

Add beans and mix everything.

That’s all. The salad is ready. All that remains is to season it with mayonnaise and you can serve it. And it is better to put croutons right before serving!

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