Salad with beets and cheese. Cooking a salad with a photo.

I’m here today with another beet salad. I used baked beets, they are much tastier than boiled ones. Any cheese will do, I used semi-hard, but it will also be great with soft processed cheese. Today’s hearty winter salad is simple but delicious. It seems to me that winter is the time for such beautiful salads with such a wonderful vegetable as beetroot.

250 g of baked or boiled beets;
100 g of cheese;
2 boiled eggs;
50-100 g of pickled cucumbers;
1-2 cloves of garlic;

Preparation of salad with beetroot and cheese.

Pre-bake or boil beets. Cool completely, peel and grate on a coarse grater, put in a salad bowl.

Add coarsely grated cheese.

Add boiled eggs, cut into cubes.

Add finely chopped pickled cucumbers. Also, garlic passed through a press, pepper, season with mayonnaise to taste. If necessary, add salt and mix well.

Next, the most interesting thing is how to serve a salad, which in itself does not look very elegant? I have for this purpose a form from a pea can (open on both sides and filed). Of course, you can also use special culinary rings, but this is not sporty.

We put the form on a plate, spread one portion of the salad, lightly tamp it down with a spoon, then carefully remove the form upwards. On the sides, I additionally decorated with cheese stars (cut out with a cookie cutter) and garnished with parsley.

Here is a seemingly undemanding salad in appearance (but not in taste), with the help of simple manipulations it turns into not only a tasty, but also a very elegant salad!

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