Salad with cabbage and corn. How to prepare a salad.

The beauty of a salad with corn and cabbage is that it will not take much time to prepare. At the same time, the snack will be a complete addition to the usual family meal or festive table. Such a dish can be prepared at any time of the year, while its lightness and freshness will remind you of sunny summer and rainbow spring.

Of course, salad will bring you some benefits. Cabbage will enrich the salad with a lot of vitamins, trace elements and organic acids, will strengthen your immunity thanks to the highest concentration of vitamin C, and will improve the work of the digestive system. Corn normalizes the work of the intestines, will help to cope with boredom, and will improve the condition of the skin and hair in winter or autumn, when it is especially necessary.

Cabbage salad with corn is a dietary dish, so it is recommended for women who follow a diet or follow a proper diet. Corn in the salad can be both fresh and canned. But in terms of taste, the second option is more acceptable.

Making a tasty, simple, hearty and at the same time light salad for a dinner or holiday table without spending a lot of money is quite realistic and simple. Use this recipe and this salad will become one of your favorite dishes.

canned corn – 200 g;
smoked sausage – 150 g;
fresh white cabbage – 200 g;
parsley – several sprigs;
salt – a pair of bunches;
vegetable oil – 2 tbsp. l.

Salad preparation with step-by-step photos.

We remove the skin from the sausage, first cut it into circles, and into rings – into not very thick strips.

We take a springy and fresh head of cabbage, wash it well under running tap water, and then cut off a piece of the desired size. We remove a couple of upper leaves from the piece, and then cut it as you like or as it is convenient for you.

We take our parsley and wash it. Then we shake off the water well and cut it. Instead of parsley, you can take any other greens that you like the most.

We take the corn out of the can, if desired, wash it, squeeze it slightly from the water. Pour all the ingredients of the salad into a deep bowl.

Mix everything well, adding salt and vegetable oil.

We serve the salad to the table immediately after cooking.

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