Salad with chicken and mushrooms for dinner – recipe.

The salad consists of several layers. It doesn’t really matter how you alternate them.

I alternated as follows:
1 layer – carrots stewed with onions;
2nd layer – chicken fillet;
3rd layer — fried porcini mushrooms;
4 layer – carrots stewed with onions;
5th layer – grated potatoes.

While the chicken fillet is boiling (it is advisable to salt the water a little), chop the mushrooms.

We place them in a pan, pour oil, salt, pepper, fry until done.

Grate fresh carrots.

We connect everything and stew in oil over low heat. Peel and boil the potatoes.

Leave all boiled products to cool.

We lay out carrots and onions as the first layer. Grease a little with mayonnaise. I lubricated each layer, but not abundantly.

Then cut the cooled chicken meat.

Place mushrooms on it. Then we lay out another layer of carrots and onions. And finish the salad with grated potatoes.

If desired, you can make another layer – grated cheese with garlic. Do not forget to add mayonnaise after each layer.

A simple, affordable and hearty salad will satisfy any hunger.

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