Salad with chicken and mushrooms. Salad preparation.

We offer you a simple, very tasty salad. It will take very little time and a minimum amount of ingredients. It looks quite bright, and you can eat it in one sitting, it is so tasty. Such a salad not only tastes good, but is also surprisingly light. If there is a desire, you can add a small clove of garlic to the chicken, but only for the smell, but it can overpower the mushroom taste.

pickled mushrooms – 1 can;
hard cheese – 200 g;
corn – 1 can;
chicken fillet – 300 g;
eggs – 1-2 pcs.;
mayonnaise for dressing;
salt pepper.

Cooking a salad with chicken and mushrooms.

Put the marinated mushrooms in a colander to drain the liquid.

Cut the hard cheese into cubes.

We also drain the liquid from the corn.

Washed chicken fillet must be boiled. To do this, fill the multicooker vessel with water, put the fillet there, turn on the “Cooking” mode and set the time, one hour will be enough for the fillet to be ready (you can also boil it in a pot).

We boil the eggs. We also use a slow cooker for this. Fill with water, put the eggs, turn on the “Cooking” mode. Cook for 20 minutes.

Cut the cooled chicken fillet into pieces.

We clean the eggs and also cut them.

We mix the ingredients. Pour mushrooms into a plate, add cheese, corn, chicken and eggs. Salt, pepper. Pour mayonnaise.

Here is our salad and it is ready. They can not only please loved ones at a weekday lunch, but also put on the festive table. Although the salad is simple, it has a very interesting taste. The combination of boiled brisket, cheese and spicy mushrooms gives it a special piquancy. The chicken breast can be additionally fried, then it will have a more pronounced taste. Prepare such a delicacy according to our recipe and be sure – you will be satisfied!

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