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On weekends for dinner, I quite often prepare all kinds of salads. Meat is usually a mandatory component in them. The most economical option for cooking is chicken meat.

Salads can be prepared from almost everything that is currently in the refrigerator. The main thing is to show a little imagination.

Of course, such a salad is not suitable for a festive table, but it can be quite suitable for an ordinary dinner.

— chicken breast (1 pc.);
— peas;
– carrot;
— cucumber (1-2 pcs.);
— walnuts (4-5 pcs.);
— chips;
– mayonnaise (3 tablespoons);
– sour cream (3 tbsp. l.).

How to cook a salad with chicken and vegetables.

Chicken breast should be boiled until ready with the addition of salt and spices.

After cooking, cut the chicken as small as possible. Put in a salad bowl.

I take peas and carrots already ready, in cans. This significantly saves cooking time.

You also need to put peas and carrots in a salad bowl.

Peel the walnuts from the shell.

Then the nuts should be finely chopped or pounded. After that, you need to fry the nuts in a pan for about 10 minutes. Nuts should also be added to the salad bowl. Peel the cucumber and cut into cubes.

When all the ingredients have already been added, you should add three tablespoons of sour cream and mayonnaise to the salad. Mix well.

This salad is best served with chips. So it turns out tastier than anything else. Sweet taste!

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