Salad with chicken, cheese and bell pepper – a recipe with a photo

Today’s recipe is for a great salad that won’t take much of your time, it’s perfect for all occasions.

boiled or baked chicken fillet – 110 g;
fresh cucumber – 100 g;
Korean carrots – 120 g;
hard cheese – 50 g;
Bulgarian pepper – 120 g;
parsley – a small bunch;
salt, a mixture of peppers – to taste;

Salad preparation process.

We disassemble the chicken breast directly with our hands into fibers (in this case, the chicken breast is baked. It can also be boiled with the addition of salt and a bay leaf).

Cut a fresh cucumber into strips.

In the same way, we cut bell peppers of different colors. This will make the salad more colorful.

Grate the cheese on a coarse grater.

For convenience, cut Korean carrots using kitchen scissors.

Finely chop the parsley.

Now pour chicken meat, Korean carrots, cucumber, pepper, parsley and cheese into a common dish. Mix everything. Season with a little ground pepper. If necessary, you can add salt.

Season with mayonnaise and mix.

The salad is ready. This is a mosaic of not only bright colors, but also interesting, very pleasant tastes. Spicy notes of Korean carrots go very well with chicken and cheese, which make the salad filling. Sweet pepper and fresh cucumber give this dish unique juiciness and freshness. The salad is absolutely simple in all respects, but always a hit with guests.

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