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Salad with beans and crackers is rich in vitamins and proteins. Bean dishes are recommended for diabetes and ulcers, as well as heart diseases. We offer a recipe for a tasty and nutritious dish that is not inferior in terms of nutritional characteristics to roast meat.

red beans – 1 can;
crackers – 100 g;
hard cheese – 100 g;
olive oil – to taste.

Salad preparation with step-by-step photos.

It is better to take canned red beans, or you can cook them dry (soaked in cold water for several hours before cooking). Drain all the liquid inside and rinse thoroughly under running water. Pour the dried beans into the bottom of a deep salad bowl.

Cut the bread into pieces (narrow bars look beautiful in a salad), dry in the oven (it is advisable to do this in advance). You can use ready-made croutons sold with various spices (this will only save your time). Place crackers on top of the beans.

Grate the hard cheese on a fine grater and pour into a salad bowl (on top of the croutons). Add salt and pepper to taste. It should be taken into account that the beans are already salty, and the cheese is also not fresh. Sprinkle with olive oil or add mayonnaise (it depends on your preferences) and mix gently, trying not to crumble the crackers.

Our salad of beans, cheese and crackers is completely ready. We recommend adding oil (mayonnaise) immediately before serving the dish. Importantly! If you season in advance, the crackers will soften, become soft, not crunchy. Therefore, the last step is refueling.

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