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Method of cooking:
Cut the white loaf into very small cubes. You can cut the crust if you wish, but it is more beautiful with it. Dry the crushed croutons well in a pan or in the oven. You can take ready-made croutons.

Wash and boil the chicken fillet. Cut it also into small cubes or chips. Grate the cheese on a medium grater.

Squeeze or finely chop the garlic. Then put the prepared croutons, shredded chicken, cheese and garlic in a large bowl and mix.

Before serving, beautifully lay out the lettuce leaves on a plate. Then, in a separate dish, season the required amount of salad with mayonnaise. And put the salad on the leaves.

We eat the salad immediately after mixing it with mayonnaise, until the croutons have softened.

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