Salad with crackers, sausage and Korean carrots – a recipe with a photo

Today we will prepare an instant spicy salad with Korean carrots, smoked sausage and crackers. Mix everything and it’s ready. It is very convenient when the guests are already at the door.

Korean carrots – 200-300 g;
fresh cucumbers – 1-2 pieces;
Cervelat – 300 g;
crackers – 100 g;
mayonnaise – 2-3 spoons;
garlic to taste.

The process of making a salad with crackers, sausage and Korean carrots.

Cut a fresh cucumber into small strips.

We do the same with smoked sausage.

Mix all the ingredients together in a salad bowl, add a couple of spoons of mayonnaise and squeeze the garlic.

The salad is ready. We advise everyone to try it, the preparation will not take you much time. Such a salad will be a great addition to dinner, it can also easily decorate any festive table.

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