Salad with kiwi and chicken fillet – a recipe with a photo

An unusual combination, but delicious! Today we are preparing a light and simple salad. Its taste is unusual and interesting, the products in this salad are perfectly combined with each other.

chicken breast – 200 g;
kiwi – 3 pcs.;
hard cheese – 100 g;
eggs – 3 pcs.;
mayonnaise – to taste;

The process of making salad with kiwi and chicken.

Boil the chicken fillet in salted water. Then cut it into small pieces.

Cut the hard cheese.

Boil the eggs and cut them.

Clean kiwi, cut into cubes.

All products are prepared, now pour them into a common bowl: chicken fillet, chopped eggs, hard cheese, kiwi, add mayonnaise and mix.

Decorate the salad as you wish. We decorated the salad in a round shape.

Such a salad will surprise your guests, it will be an unusual dish on the festive table. We are sure that the taste of this salad will be remembered for a long time with its positive emotions.

Also watch the YouTube video of how to make this recipe “Salad with kiwi and chicken fillet” at this link

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