Salad with pickled mushrooms. How to prepare a salad.

Mushroom salad with added cheese is a very healthy dish. Mushrooms are called “forest meat” for a reason. These mushrooms have a high content of protein and vitamins. And cheese will saturate your body with calcium. And most importantly, this salad is very tasty and you can prepare it literally in half an hour. If you have unexpected guests, then serve them such a salad. Everyone usually has everything he needs in the fridge.

We cannot imagine many salads without such an ingredient as pickled mushrooms. They can give the dish a completely different aroma and taste, enrich it. The recipe we want to offer will especially appeal to the male half, thanks to the large amount of meat ingredients in the dish. A salad with pickled mushrooms is also good because you can treat your family and friends to them all year round. So, let’s begin.

pickled champignons – 1 can;
beef meat – 200 g;
hard cheese – 100 g;
quail egg – 10 pcs.;
mayonnaise or sour cream – to taste;
salt, pepper – as desired.

Preparation of salad with mushrooms.

Chop the marinated mushrooms arbitrarily. If they are too small, send them whole to the salad.

Cut the pre-boiled beef into pieces (medium cubes). Add to the mushrooms.

Cut the hard cheese into small cubes. Add to the contents of the salad.

Boil quail eggs. Cool, peel.

Cut them in half. We spread it (on top of the cheese) in a bowl.

After combining all the components of the salad, dress it with mayonnaise (you can use sour cream or mix it with it in equal proportions). Add spices (according to household preferences).

Mix well. Do not forget that pickled champignons have a rather spicy, specific taste. Therefore, be careful when choosing spices.

Such a salad will pleasantly surprise and give everyone a great mood. Sweet taste!

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